The Boards for Billions Event is about creating local solutions to global problems. The event, occurring at Tugun’s bohemian-Café Ira on Friday Night (19th Oct) seeks to raise funds and collect equipment to help set up a community run surf school/social enterprise in a fishing village in India that has been ravished by natural disasters, youth alcohol & drug problems and poverty.

Organized in partnership by the Centre for Tourism, Leisure & Work, Southern Cross University, Digital Cinematix and Café Ira, the event has gained significant support from Relative Creative, Diverse Surf, Element, OBfive skateboards and Rabbit & Cocoon.

“We are wanting to change the lives of people living in poverty,” says Salvador Cantellano, director of Digital Cinematix. “Last year we had the opportunity to meet Yotam, a music producer and surfer who lives in India. He told us about the Covelong Surf School project, and we fell in love with the idea! We wanted to help to make sure it works out!”

Covelong Surf School, is the story of Murthy: With nothing more than a few old boards, a deep passion for surfing and teaching others to surf, Murthy strives alone to nurture the awakening of a new surfing culture against the backdrop of an ancient, simple culture.

Salvador Cantellano: “We are calling on people to donate their old boards, particularly old Mals. On the event night we plan to collect these boards and raise funds to send them over to Murthy at Covelong to help him start his Surf School. We have set up a photo booth at Café Ira and will be taking shots of people donating surfboards; these pictures will go up on the wall at the Surf School in Covelong. We will also be filming the creation of the Surf School (Covelong the Film Project).”


Media Enquiries to: Ben Farr-Wharton, 0438 755 019, bfarr65@gmail.com


To see Covelong go to: http://www.covelongpoint.com


For all Event Details go to: http://www.facebook.com/events/277522315692894

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